Agility Training Exercise

Agility Training Exercise

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+Add an Agility Training Exercise to your stay for $20 per dog, per session.

Our Agility Training Exercise is a brain booster. The benefits include enhanced senses, prevents diseases, removes toxins, combats obesity, promotes weight management, supercharges the immune system, bone and muscle strengthening, improves behavior, and slows aging.

Our custom-made dog treadmills from our affiliates are exclusively mechanical. Your dog can stop at anytime. In addition, the dog can achieve its own maximum speed, stamina, and develop their full physical potential. Our agility training exercise offers an effective workout without exposing your dog to inclement weather, overcrowded parks, while ensuring safety and security.

ALL agility training sessions take place indoors with full supervision.

** One (1) Walk/ or Agility Training Exercise is included in every 7+ consecutive night stay per booking reservation. Stays cannot be combined.

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